42 Awesome Workout Hacks

42 Awesome Workout Hacks

More bang for your buck with 42 highly effective workout hacks!
The Functional Home Workout Guide, Band 1

von: Philipp Moser

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Veröffentl.: 29.11.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9783742763761
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Are your workouts not taking you where they are supposed to? Do you struggle with plateaus in your muscle, strength or cardio developement? Then this guide could be exactly what you need to get more insights and new ideas for turning your workouts into more productive sessions. In easy to understand language, this book breaks down important, but often overlooked concepts of resistance training and shows you productive ways to incorporate them in your workout planning. It also emphasizes on the important role of recovery and various mechanisms that foster optimal recovery after workouts. A great tool for people working out at home, weekend warriors and dedicated gym-rats.
A comprehensive guide to more effective and more efficient bodybuilding, strenght and conditioning workouts.

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