Religious Education in a Mediatized World

Religious Education in a Mediatized World

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In religious education, digitization and mediatization processes result in the transformation of conventional media formats. This leads to the development of new media formats, which in turn necessitates a redefinition of the relationship between religious education and the media.
Keeping this in mind, this volume first examines the importance of media for specific theological disciplines, and then discusses current media-pedagogical and media-didactic approaches. Later in the book, the authors develop didactic perspectives on various methods; these include internet-based archive work and the use of digital teaching materials. They also deal with current questions regarding religious education, such as inclusion and cyber bullying, etc. Finally, they identify some of the main didactic challenges for religious instruction in a mediatized world.
This volume is a plea for a wider understanding of education, and is based in part on a German-Swedish teaching and research cooperation. Following this example, it focuses on a future-oriented networking of plural forms of education. This resource is designed for students of theology and religious sciences as well as for religious education teachers.
Prof. Dr. Ilona Nord teaches Religious Education at Universität Würzburg; Prof. Dr. Hanna Zipernovszky is associate professor in Religious Education and senior lecturer in Religious Studies at the Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Umeå Universitet.

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