Aphorisms III

Aphorisms III

von: Sahra Christ Bücher, Roy Schumer

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Verlag: Sahra Christ Bücher
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 21.05.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9783966612043
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 77

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Some Captions from APHORISMS III:

Thinking is procrastination
Skill is the highest form of knowledge.
The only use of studying philosophy is
Performance is always unconscious.
Living inside your head is like masturbation. You get
The human exists only between blood red brutality and
Game and the containment of
One can live next to the bakery and die from starvation
Its pretty obvious that humans are conscious because
I don't know who you are and I don't care to know who
Take all organisms that ever existed and exist and
The opposite of falling in love is gaining another option
The crazy
Since everything is leveraged, we have a dark number
How famous do you really want to get
Speaking at least one foreign language is m
While existing, you have to legitimize all you do to
What you pay < What you consume
Mathematics changes how you think, philosophy changes what you think and sociology changes that you think.
Action is the purest state of being.
The opposite of engineers is academics with velvet
Lets look at some new
People don't need to actually work to believe that they
Everything that is in the realm of consciousness is a spectrum, even rape.
Is it your
Nervous system/ Quantum
The big brother of Talebs FU money is having a FU skill
There's only nature, the individual and god
Cults and Gods never die, they just
They simply want to fuck with my gene propagation
Is this actually whats happening or am I just rationalizing
State of the art in europe, or what will happen:
Nature is more indifferent than the applied law is
What you do is always 10x than remembering what your
What you choose > what you pay
Guide to the web
There are no brands, only faces/ personalitiyes/ gods
Theres something about schizophrenia that doesnt
If you have the slight feeling that you should go (abondon
Only products can be famous. Humans can only be infamous
If you rely on marketing
Words are procrastination
There's one illness that befalls the non-doer, the
I'm pretty sure that the new game is making
Game is weird and leads to weird sex. The question
Hate makes me feel alive.
I'm sure the guy that made you get that son was a loser.
Human Dignity
My conscious says I'm horny, bitch. All I see is youth
Game for the high status male is non-risk in western
Diplomacy is just another version of psychopathy.
The effort
Race/ Identity only seems to be tied to opinion bias
How to be slim forever
Diplomacy is just another version of psychopathy. copy
What we are actually talking about when talking about
Action changes what you know
Please, tell me, why I should not collect all my privilege
Mind touching
Saying police force is shit is like saying dog shit
Key assumptions
Being forgiving is hard because it makes you attackable

Sahra Christ writes books that can be read in one day but have to be read multiple times. Her works have been labeled as "overrated" and "tasteless" by various magazines.

Sahra Christ schreibt Bücher, die jeder an einem Tag lesen kann und mehrmals lesen muss. Ihre Bücher wurden in etwaigen Zeitschriften rezensiert. Sie gilt als "Overrated" und "Geschmacklos.

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