Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment

Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment

A Strategic Perspective
Wiley Finance 1. Aufl.

von: Al Naqvi

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Verlag: Wiley
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Veröffentl.: 13.01.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781119601876
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<p><b>Make AI technology the backbone of your organization to compete in the Fintech era</b></p> <p>The rise of artificial intelligence is nothing short of a technological revolution. AI is poised to completely transform asset management and investment banking, yet its current application within the financial sector is limited and fragmented. Existing AI implementations tend to solve very narrow business issues, rather than serving as a powerful tech framework for next-generation finance. <i>Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment </i>provides a strategic viewpoint on how AI can be comprehensively integrated within investment finance, leading to evolved performance in compliance, management, customer service, and beyond.</p> <p>No other book on the market takes such a wide-ranging approach to using AI in asset management. With this guide, you’ll be able to build an asset management firm from the ground up—or revolutionize your existing firm—using artificial intelligence as the cornerstone and foundation. This is a must, because AI is quickly growing to be the single competitive factor for financial firms. With better AI comes better results. If you aren’t integrating AI in the strategic DNA of your firm, you’re at risk of being left behind.</p> <ul> <li>See how artificial intelligence can form the cornerstone of an integrated, strategic asset management framework</li> <li>Learn how to build AI into your organization to remain competitive in the world of Fintech</li> <li>Go beyond siloed AI implementations to reap even greater benefits</li> <li>Understand and overcome the governance and leadership challenges inherent in AI strategy</li> </ul> <p>Until now, it has been prohibitively difficult to map the high-tech world of AI onto complex and ever-changing financial markets. <i>Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment </i>makes this difficulty a thing of the past, providing you with a professional and accessible framework for setting up and running artificial intelligence in your financial operations.</p>
<p><b>AL NAQVI</b> is the CEO of the American Institute of Artificial Intelligence, where he designs and develops machine learning based finance products, teaches classes on applied AI, deep learning, and cognitive transformation, and leads the company strategy. He studies the application of deep learning to financial engineering, investment, and asset management. He is also the author of <i>Artificial Intelligence for Audit, Forensic Accounting, and Valuation</i> (Wiley).
<p>Many in the finance industry see artificial intelligence as a new tech tool that can solve longstanding business problems, particularly in the area of quantitative investing. Although this view isn't exactly wrong, it completely misses an important truth: AI is much more than a new tool, and it has the potential to transform—not merely improve—<i>everything</i>. Existing approaches to applying AI in finance, many of which are written to exclude anyone without a PhD in mathematics, cannot help firms sustain competitive advantage, because they simply don't go far enough. We need to see beyond equations to truly understand and benefit from the AI revolution. <p><i>Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment</i> shows readers how and why AI forms the new bedrock of the finance business. Yes, AI can help us improve our trades. But it is also transforming everything from customer service to supply chain and corporate social responsibility, and we need to strategically implement AI across all these areas of business if we want to remain competitive into the future. This is the first book to provide finance professionals (even quants) with a practical view toward building an AI-driven business. <p>The new kids on the block in the finance world understand something profound and revolutionary: AI <i>is</i> the business. The longer we keep machine learning siloed in the quantitative investment department, the higher the opportunity cost, and the greater the chances our clients will look elsewhere. It's time to take the courageous step of reinvention, integrating AI into the strategic DNA of our firms. This book is a must for executives and managers who want to compete effectively in the new age of asset management.
<p><b>Navigate the complex world of AI to create and sustain competitive advantage in asset management</b> <p>Artificial intelligence is not about automating existing business processes. If you are yet to apply AI across all functions of your firm, or if machine learning is trapped in your quant department, you're not alone. With <i>Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management and Investment</i>, you'll learn how to become a strategist for the AI era, reinventing every function of your business to take advantage of the full potential of this revolutionary new technology—and you won't need a PhD in mathematics to do it! <ul> <li>Discover why AI is the backbone of modern asset management and investment operations</li> <li>Learn how AI is being used across the value chain in today's top finance firms</li> <li>Gain the confidence and the knowledge you need to reinvent your firm and build AI into the company DNA</li> <li>Overcome the governance challenges of AI and understand the ethical perspective</li> <li>Understand how AI can transform customer experience, marketing, negotiation, sales, compliance, CSR, and more</li> <li>Develop an AI-driven business strategy that will give you a competitive edge in the age of AI</li> </ul> <p>This book provides a framework that will let you transform your investment management business into a modern, high performance, AI-centric enterprise.