Authentic Marketing.

Authentic Marketing.

How to Capture Hearts and Minds Through the Power of Purpose
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von: Larry Weber

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Veröffentl.: 04.01.2019
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Engage on a deeper level by disrupting the typical business development script Authentic Marketing offers a forward-thinking approach to achieving an entirely new level of engagement with today’s purpose-driven and skeptical audiences. The heart of this process involves finding the soul of your organization. When moral purpose becomes central to your organization, it can deliver benefits to both the bottom line and mankind: a profit meets purpose proposition. This path requires a reinvention of today’s dated business model, abolishing the inefficient, siloed approach of developing a business strategy first and then later creating separate strategies for marketing, HR, manufacturing, R&D, etc. The new integrated model fuses a tight integration of business, technology innovation and engagement strategies, all of which are bound together by a company’s moral purpose. When moral purpose is central to an organization’s core, everything branches out from a place of authenticity. Rather than a siloed CSR effort, you develop employee and customer relationships based on real—not curated—connections with a brand’s moral mission. You build true engagement, trust and evangelism. And, along the way, your customers will actually help to co-create your brand. This book shows you how to transform your business by putting moral purpose to work for your stakeholders and the planet. Embrace a new model that integrates business, technology innovation, and engagement strategies with moral purpose as the glue that binds them together Learn the key steps to find your moral purpose Discover how to engage audiences with a transparent, authentic marketing approach that forges powerful connections and builds trust. With a world of options at their fingertips, today’s purpose-driven customers want a brand they can identify with and trust. Authentic Marketing shows you how to make your brand more human, more likeable, more genuine and guides you on how to connect with audiences on a moral level. This process will build a new level of engagement that will benefit both your long-term value and the world.
Foreword ix Acknowledgements xiii Introduction xv Part I Authentic Marketing and the Power of Purpose 1 Chapter 1 Profi t Meets Purpose: Find Your Company’s Soul 3 Chapter 2 The Era of Social Consciousness: Where Technology Meets Humanity 23 Chapter 3 A Better Strategy Model for a Better World 37 Part II Authentic Marketing: Key Components 61 Chapter 4 The Evolution of Marketing: Moving from Manipulation to Authenticity 63 Chapter 5 Search for Truths to Drive Constituency Mapping 77 Chapter 6 Humanize Your Brand 99 Chapter 7 Move beyond Storytelling to Storydoing 119 Chapter 8 Use Data-Telling to Anchor Objectives and Validate Progress 131 Chapter 9 Infuse Trusted Voices in Paid, Owned, and Earned Media 141 Part III Reinventing Good and the Energy of Your Company’s Soul 161 Chapter 10 Creating a Purpose-Driven Culture 163 Chapter 11 Measuring the Legitimacy and Managing the Value of Purpose 179 Chapter 12 Make a Plan 193 Chapter 13 Purpose Is Everything 207 About the Author 221 Index 223
LARRY WEBER is a successful entre- preneur, thought leader, and author, who founded several global marketing companies. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Racepoint Global, an integrated marketing communications agency. He also founded Weber Shandwick, one of the world's leading global communications and marketing services firms; and the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), the world's largest Internet marketing association.
The rules of engagement for businesses have changed, again. It's no longer enough for companies to have innovative products, stellar services, and a strong balance sheet. To achieve long-term value and capture true stakeholder engagement, companies must embrace a higher purpose— something intrinsic in their DNA that addresses a pressing societal issue such as climate change, world hunger or improving education or health care. Authentic marketing is a natural by- product of operating with that higher purpose, as companies share compelling narratives about their work and purpose that appeal to the values of their customers. Written by entrepreneur and marketing communications expert Larry Weber, Authentic Marketing provides a new strategic framework that takes business, marketing, and technology strategies out of their dated and ineffective siloes and tightly integrates them around the central concept of corporate purpose. This forward-thinking approach drives companies to the intersection of profit and purpose. At the heart of the book is a blueprint for engaging consumers through authentic marketing centered on purpose. Readers will learn about the power of next generation storytelling, the art of humanizing their brand, and the rising role of earned media. This evolved form of marketing replaces traditional manipulation tactics with a more genuine, transparent approach that addresses what the millennial generation wants. Authentic Marketing also provides insights into creating a purpose-driven culture that attracts, motivates, and retains employees. It explains the role CEOs must play in upholding higher corporate values and serving as the lead purpose champion. Authentic Marketing spells out in simple terms the actions necessary for companies to transform their brands and businesses through purpose—the ultimate key to unlocking the hearts and minds of today's consumers.
Praise for Authentic Marketing "At Deere & Co., we are focused on those who are linked to the land and we take our sense of purpose very seriously. I'm very happy to see Larry urging other organizations to understand how to be conscious of their larger role in the world—while meeting growth and corporate objectives. I strongly believe these must go hand in hand." —Sam Allen, Chairman and CEO, Deere & Co. "Our purpose at Deloitte is to make an impact that matters, for clients, our people and our communities. Larry's book provides a valuable guide for companies seeking to discover their purpose, have a positive impact on the world, and inspire and motivate their workforce." —Diana O'Brien, Deloitte Global Chief Marketing Officer "Authentic Marketing captures what every executive needs to know, as purpose becomes a driving force in business and society. Customers eagerly share stories that appeal to their values…and serve to co-create brands." —Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, GE "Larry explains how to seamlessly integrate 4 critical elements to thrive in today's competitive world: business strategy, corporate purpose, customer engagement, and technology. His insight into how technology connects to corporate purpose is spot-on, and the examples he provides are terrific and inspiring." —Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems "This is a timely playbook. Humanizing brands, creating purpose-focused narratives and building trust through earned media are critical components to capture stakeholder hearts and minds in today's environment." —Andy Polansky, CEO, Weber Shandwick "Larry's book speaks to what is urgently needed in the vortex of government gridlock and nationalist sentiment across the globe. Private industry is urgently needed to step up and contribute to solving a variety of social issues, which profoundly affect its employees, customers, and communities in which they do business." —Mary Mazzio, CEO, 50 Eggs, Inc.