Bosnian-English Vocabulary

Bosnian-English Vocabulary

Thematically ordered collection of basic and advanced vocabulary
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von: Lorina Winkler, Nedzma Botonjic-Kishk

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This vocabulary is a practical aid for students of the Bosnian language. In twenty chapters it provides a thematically ordered collection of basic and advanced vocabulary with the correspondent English translation and/or explanation of the terms. More than 8,000 terms and phrases offer the possibility to acquire the Bosnian language in a real-life oriented way.
Lorina Winkler:
Lorina Winkler is a highschool teacher from Switzerland. She started learning Bosnian after travelling to Sarajevo and Mostar in 2016. Being fascinated by the complex and rich language with influences from the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian occupiers, she was a bit frustrated when observing that the vast majority of teaching materials focus on either Croatian or Serbian. The only source of the 'real' Bosnian were her Bosnian friends.

After taking part in three summer schools by the Sarajevo-based language school Udruzenje za jezik i kulturu Lingvisti, she decided to create a Bosnian-English vocabulary together with her teacher.

Nedzma Botonjic-Kishk:
Nedzma Botonjic-Kishk, born and raised in Sarajevo, completed her master's degree at the Department of Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Language and Literatures of the Peoples of BiH at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. She wrote her master thesis on the topic 'Characteristic Lexicon of Commentary of Rumi's Mesnevija, Authored by Fejzulah Hadzibajric'.

Nedzma loves languages and meeting new people and cultures, which is why she has been a language teacher for several years now. Without her expertise as a true 'Sarajka', the completion of the vocabulary would not have been possible.

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