Ensuring Quality in Professional Education Volume I

Ensuring Quality in Professional Education Volume I

Human Client Fields Pedagogy and Knowledge Structures

von: Karen Trimmer, Tara Newman, Fernando F. Padró

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 11.01.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9783030010966
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This book analyses examples of quality teaching in professional education in the human client fields. The first of two volumes, the editors and contributors use case studies to illustrate the elements deemed good practice within professional education. There are many different routes towards preparing well-qualified professionals through higher education: as diverse as the professions themselves, these routes are largely determined by decisions academics make regarding content, curriculum alignment, integration of research with practice and pedagogical techniques. Including case studies from midwifery, medical, nursing and psychology degree programmes, the authors and editors unravel what good teaching in professional practice looks like in the human client fields, and how it can be achieved. This rigorous and comprehensive collection will be of interest and value to students and scholars of professional pedagogy, as well as practitioners.
Chapter 1. The need for case studies to illustrate quality practice: Teaching in higher education to ensure quality of entry level professionals; Tara Newman, Karen Trimmer and Fernando Padró.- Chapter 2. Evaluating mixed modes of delivery for Professional Education; Chris Gorse, Richard Cozzens and Lloyld Scott.- Chapter 3. Simulating: Bridging the gap between practice and theory in higher professional education; Yngve Nordkvelle, Odd Rune Stalehim, Trine Fossland, Thomas de Lange, Anne Line Wittek, Monika Bærøe Nerland.- Chapter 4. Starting early: Using ePortfolios to prepare first year midwifery students for professional practice; Terri Downer and Christine Slade.- Chapter 5. Starting with the end in mind: Future focussed curriculum in health promotion; Jane Taylor, Theresa Ashford, Karen Shelley and Kylie Readman.- Chapter 6. Towards a Culturally Inclusive Model of Care: Quality practice and care through the lens of a practising nurse; Natalie Goldman and Karen Trimmer.- Chapter 7. Viable knowledge: Practice Led Learning; Lyn Karstadt.- Chapter 8. Designing for collaboration: A simulation-based interprofessional team training session for medical and nursing students in Norway; Ingunn Aase and Karina Aase.- Chapter 9. Developing curriculum: Nursing students' involvement in skills training design; Cecilie Haraldseid, Inguun Aase, Karina Aase.- Chapter 10. Developing lifelong learning skills: Using a Traffic Light Report to promote competency standards and self-assessment among pharmacy; Rosie Nash, Leanne Chalmers, Ieva Stupans, Natalie Brown.- Chapter 11. The Work-Integrated Learning Program: Developing Employability Skills in Psychology Undergraduates; Jessica Marrington, Annissa O'Shea and Lorelle Burton.- Chapter 12. Post-graduate supervision of indigenous students in the health-related fields; Don Gorman and Fernando Padró
Karen Trimmer is Professor in the Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Tara Newman is Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University, USA.Fernando F. Padró is Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching Support at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
Analyses case studies in the human client fields to illustrate what can be defined as 'good practice' in higher educationAcknowledges the diversity of defining 'quality' and examines the many routes taken with this goal in mindUnravels what good teaching in professional practice looks like and how it can be achieved

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