Ensuring Quality in Professional Education Volume II

Ensuring Quality in Professional Education Volume II

Engineering Pedagogy and International Knowledge Structures

von: Karen Trimmer, Tara Newman, Fernando F. Padró

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 11.01.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9783030010843
Sprache: englisch

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This book examines quality teaching in professional education in the fields of engineering and international knowledge structures. The second of a two-volume series, the editors and contributors structure the book around case studies which highlight the elements constituting good practice within professional education. While there is no one specific route to prepare well-qualified professionals, this volume explores the decisions the academics responsible for delivering this education make to ensure quality curricula. Ultimately, the key to effective preparations rests with the value employers place on the focus, emphasis and balance between the academic and practical in relation to their own expectations for skills that graduates must have. The second volume in this collection will appeal to students and scholars of professional pedagogy, and engineering pedagogy more specifically.
Chapter 1. How about professionalism, professions and standards: The creation of acculturated professionals; Fernando Padró, Megan Y.C.A. Kek, Nona Press, Jonathan H. Green.- Chapter 2. Evaluating the student experience: a critical review of the use of surveys to enhance the student experience; Rhona Sharpe.- Chapter 3. 'Quality' in an era of austerity: challenges for Irish universities; Marie Clarke.- Chapter 4. Accessing expert understanding: The value of visualising knowledge structures in professional education; Ian M. Kitchin.- Chapter 5. Serving ethically: A developing country perspective on quality education for professional pratice; Jeanette Baird.- Chapter 6. Interrogating the value of learning by extension in enhancing professional quality: The case of Venezuelan and Australian engineers; Emilio A. Anteliz, Patrick A. Danaher.- Chapter 7. Developing engineering knowledge and skills: The advanced engineering project management course at USQ; David Thorpe.- Chapter 8. Designing Quality Engineering Curricula to Produce Industry Ready Graduates: A whole of course approach; Neal Lake and Julienne Holt.- Chapter 9. Incorporating sustainable engineering (SEng) within a course featuring social, political and economic contexts; Ian Craig, David Thorpe and Tara Newman.- Chapter 10. The transformative dimensions of professional curriculum quality enhancement; Sara Hammer.
Karen Trimmer is Professor in the Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Tara Newman is Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University, USA.Fernando F. Padró is Associate Professor and Director of Learning and Teaching Support at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
Analyses quality teaching in professional education within the engineering and international knowledge structure fieldsExamines the choices academics responsible for delivering this education make to ensure quality Emphasises the importance of the balance between the academic and practical for developing skills

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