A Hockey History

von: T.P. Rossiter

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Verlag: Breakwater Books
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Veröffentl.: 30.11.2011
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Despite his potential, extraordinary skating skills, and unmatched dedication and endurance, George Faulkner never made the Montreal Canadiens’ roster. But he was trying to break into a famous hockey dynasty never before seen in professional hockey. His story does not just begin and end with the Canadiens; in fact, George Faulkner had more than one opportunity to play in the NHL.

His career covers four decades. Many believe the most exciting hockey years were in Harbour Grace during the 1960s where he created a dynasty of his own - the Conception Bay Ceebees. The success of the NAHA in those years seemed entirely dependent on Faulkner and his kid brothers. Their on-ice performances were so outstanding, they turned the league into one of the best senior hockey organizations in the nation.

Richard Winston ‘Dickie’ Moore said, "George Faulkner was the best player I ever saw who never made it to the NHL.”

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