Feather Boas, Black Hoodies, and John Deere Hats

Feather Boas, Black Hoodies, and John Deere Hats

Discussions of Diversity in K-12 and Higher Education

von: Joseph R. Jones

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Verlag: SensePublishers
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Veröffentl.: 05.12.2017
ISBN/EAN: 9789463512152
Sprache: englisch

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In Feather Boas, Black Hoodies, and John Deere Hats, Jones once again challenges our beliefs about difference and acceptance. As one reviewer writes, “through a series of rich narratives, Jones provides examples of attitudes, experiences, and institutional acts that continue to propagate the marginalization of people in our communities. Intertwined within these stories are thoughtfully selected ideas to help us understand that embracing difference, and not merely respecting it, can be the catalyst for real change in all of us.”

The book engenders a dialogic space for individuals to grapple with the idea of difference and the importance of inclusion in educational environments, and by extension broader society.
Preface; Venti Low-Fat Soy, Hold the Whip; Changing Identity While Staying Me: A Story of the Overburys Who Buried; Names and Narratives: Crafting Teachers’ and Students’ Lives into Our Classroom Discourse; Who Do You Think You Are?; He’ll Just Spend It on Alcohol: How Our Experiences Shape the Stigmas of the Homeless; Can Teacher Preparation Programs Have an Impact on Combating Islamophobia in Public Schools?; A Voice with an Echo That Nobody Heard… But…; Growing up Gay in Georgia: What Can We Learn from Luke’s Story?; Across the Oceans: A Personal Reflection of an Academic Journey; Go Back to Where You Came from: The Making of a Mindset; My Experience in Developing Self-Awareness through Involvement; Teachers’ Inked: Tattooed Narratives of High School Teachers; Brojobs, Bro Culture, and Hegemonic Masculinity: A Call to Reconceptualize How Educators Address Homophobia; You Have to Go to Them; The Minority from the Majority; The “Paynes” of the Deficit Model; Preservice Teachers Learning about Culturally Responsiveness through International Immersion; A Microcosm in the Classroom; Effective Strategies to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in the Nursing Profession: A Model for Other Disciplines; Student Success Differences in a Junior-Level Undergraduate Genetics Course; The Relationship between Cultural Diversity and Bullying: Peer Victimization at Different Levels of Education and Adulthood; Diversity and Multiculturalism in Today’s Classroom; Homophobia in Schools: Insufficient Teacher Preparation; About the Authors.
The book is a must-read for all individuals interested in diversity and inclusion.

This book contains powerful narratives about acceptance and tolerance.

Unlike most books on diversity, this book is written by those individuals who are in the trenches of K-12 schools and universities, and can engender powerful conversations.

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