Followers. A Key Variable in Organisational Success

Followers. A Key Variable in Organisational Success

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von: Christine Phiri Mushibwe, Mwelwa Mushibwe Ntanisha

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Academic Paper from the year 2020 in the subject Leadership and Human Resource Management - Leadership, , language: English, abstract: The intention of this book is to demonstrate the disconnect that exists between leaders and followers. This is in an effort to demonstrate the important role of the follower as a key variable in the success equation of an organisation. While the concept of leadership is well written and researched about, that of the follower remains insignificantly discussed. The argument for and against leaders vs. manger is continuing in the academic world but that of the follower is barely considered. This book attempts to shade light on the importance of the subordinates.

Followers are a crucial variable in the success of any organisation. How well they are treated and allowed to flourish will contribute largely to the success of an organisation. As cooperating assistants with less power, authority and influence, they are an invaluable support to the leader of the day.

Leadership though highly sought in career advancement, is not devoid of humanity, humanity precedes all titles. Our generation views leadership on the basis of being ahead somewhat, being a little higher than the rest of the flock so to say. The idea of being ahead easily over exerts itself in action unfortunately creating unhealthy environments for the followers. This book looks at the followers and how minus their existence leadership does not exist. The content brings to the fore the fine balance that interplays in the workforce and a perhaps an internal look at the dynamics that leadership often ignores, that followers make leaders and thus need to be considered on the human interface before their roles.

The followers are not just items or objects that need to be moved as in a chess game in order to get the prize, these are humans who need to be led as humans but tactfully approached in their positions. Neither should followers be zombie like in following the instructions outlined by leaders that they are devoid of mental input. Followers are neither detached from humanity and require it considered in the work environment in order to be motivated and to put in that extra element that brings the objectives of a company to fruition. This fine balance be-tween leadership and followers in any environment is discussed in order to highlight how important both parties are and how one interwoven in the other relies on the other in order to exist.