March Against Syngenta

March Against Syngenta

Monsanto's Swiss Twin Unmasked

von: MultiWatch

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Veröffentl.: 19.10.2016
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Many citizens from Basel in Switzerland were disgusted when they heard that their city canton's government had selected Syngenta as the main sponsor of Basel's appearance at the 2015 World Fair in Milan. The multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation stands for toxic pesticides, genetically engineered seeds, patents on plants and industrial agriculture, a main culprit of global warming. Soon after the announcement, NGO alliance MultiWatch hosted a two-day conference; it also organized Basel's first 'March against Monsanto and Syngenta'. This book is a compilation of the team's findings after one year of watching Syngenta, and also includes contributions by Vandana Shiva and other guest authors supporting the campaigners. The bottom line is that there is no room for this multinational corporation in sustainable and ecological agriculture.
"Prologue to March Against Syngenta Miguel A. Altieri
Editors' Introduction
Translator's Comment
Postscript, 6 February 2016: ChemChina's offer and the latest round in Global Agropoly
Part One: Syngenta on the World Stage
The murder of MST Activist Keno Marianne Spiller
Syngenta trial plots on Kaua'i - anything but Paradise
In the Belly of the Chemical Beast: Hawaiian Activists Confront Syngenta on Its Home Turf Mike Ludwig
Syngenta workers in Pakistan - a ten-year struggle
In Karachi with Imran Ali Markus Spörndli
Syngenta in India: High burdens of debt and poisonings Deepak Kumar
Syngenta's Latin American networks Elizabeth Bravo
Paraguay: The coup benefits big agribusiness Yvonne Zimmermann
Big Agribusiness targets Africa Silva Lieberherr
'Golden Rice' - a staple food privatised by big agribusiness Paul Scherer
Syngenta and the great Bee Decline Yves Zenger
Syngenta's Toxic Legacy Martin Forter
Keeping an eye on Syngenta François Meienberg
Feed the world - but how? Florianne Koechlin
First Conclusions
Part Two: In the limelight, and behind the scenes
Syngenta, a multinational corporation
Syngenta's genesis
Agribusiness and warfare
Syngenta and capitalist agriculture
Syngenta, intellectual property (IP) and accumulation by expropriation
Monopolisation and Syngenta's global strategy
World trade: WTO to TTIP
Syngenta's shareholders
Basel: a 'chemical city' and its[...]"

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