Mihai Moldovan


Hidden history of Dacia

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"Everything that I am afraid of already happened to me so i fear nothing."                                                            Decebalus Rex 




Long time ago when the Rome was still small long before 'Lamb of God' walk this a legendary land deep into Thracian mountains there was a warrior like no other unmatched in speed, strength and savagery.



He will always be known as "AGATHYR§İ".!!


His name came from the latin word "Agathyrsus" meaning 'much raging', some say he even possess the ability to transform into a wolf.

His  youth period of time its very much unknown to history, but some believe  that his destiny was already sealed from young age.


Our story begin when his village slaughther by a barbarian tribe from the north and he was the only  survivor of his tribe..

It wasn't the courage who save Agathyrșy that was much more of that ,it was a deep emotion it was  our mind killer called F.E.A.R.

But Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up,it makes you stronger! 

So from that day on Agathyrsy dedicated his life to one simple code  named Vengeance!

He made a pact with Zalmoxis a Thracian God who gifted him with heavenly powers so he can return and reclaim his lands but in exchange Zalmoxis cursed and tricked him..

'You gonna be forever bound by those lands and by those people who gonna live here,remember "a wolf will always attracts another wolf." said Zalmoxis

In his rage and desperate desire of vengeance Agathyrsi accepted Zalmoxis deal and get ability to transform into a Big White Wolf !!

So he return on his village and kill all barbarians, no matter if there was younglings  or elders no one  survive that day to tell the story of Agathyrsy!


Day by day, night by night he always watch over his lands always using his wolf side to scare nomadic tribes so they wont settle on his lands.

One day a new tribe appeare ,leaded by a King known as "Decebalus". When the wolf saw them, he tried to scare them just like what he did with the others, but he got shocked when this tall King not even move a finger against him,he didnt get scared at all. Even if Decebalus army run away without looking back in stand Decebalus knelt down before the wolf showing respect..None of people that came to his land did that before,the big white wolf get impressed by Decebalus courage and that moment he already knew..

'This is gonna be my King. He deserve to rule over my lands!.' 

The wolf easily stepped back and screamed so frightening, so loud, like a call of war. Ready to kill for Decebalus, ready to die for those lands.