My Son Died,

how do I go on?








By, Farzana Prior








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All rights reserved.

Author: Farzana Prior

ISBN: 978-3-98522-261-2

This book is dedicated to my sons.

My beautiful older introverted son,

And my beautiful younger extroverted son.



My son committed suicide on Friday, February 28th 2020. He was 22 years and three months old. He suffered from depression and was treated by a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Yet! He still died. This was not his first attempt. He attempted when he was 16 years old. He was taking an antidepressant prescribed by a General Practitioner and after an argument with a girl at school, swallowed a toxic dose of paracetamol.

I arrived home, in the evening, after work to find that his behaviour was not normal. He hadn’t taken his antidepressant for 3 days. After asking him what was wrong he said that he had a headache and had taken a paracetamol. I went to check the blisters to find that they were all empty.

I questioned him about it and he showed me how many he had taken. It was a toxic dose. My husband and I drove him to hospital. Luckily, within half an hour of him taking the paracetamol, his body rejected the overdose and he began vomiting.

He spent the night at the hospital. Thankfully, his liver was not damaged. During that night, I called his psychologist to tell her what happened and she said that this was a relapse. My son will need psychiatric care from now on and he will need to be treated at a psychiatric ward for the next 3 weeks.

At the psychiatric ward, my son revealed how badly my husband and I treated him. He revealed that our ‘abuse’ included that he needed to keep his room tidy, complete his chores and that he needed to study and do well at school. The psychiatrist diagnosed psychosis as well as depression. My son was diagnosed as psychotic because he did not see the world as it really was.