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icontrainer, and content expert, Lisa A. Bucki has been educating others about computers, software, business, and personal growth topics since 1990. She has written and contributed to dozens of books and multimedia works, in addition to providing marketing and training services to her clients and writing online tutorials. Bucki is co‐founder of 1x1 Media, LLC (, an independent publisher of books and courses focused on how‐to topics for entrepreneurs, startup founders, makers, and other business professionals.


icon up the writing of Excel® Portable Genius and this book, my husband and I were deeply grieving the loss of two of our beloved dogs, Jack Black and Tucker, in a little more than three months' time. Associate Publisher Jim Minatel, Senior Managing Editor Pete Gaughan, Project Manager Kezia Endsley, and Technical Editor Joyce Nielsen—all of whom I consider both friends and colleagues—reacted with kindness, patience, support, and professionalism. I thank them for being wonderful human beings in addition to top professionals.

I would like to also thank additional team members for their excellent work on this project, including Copy Editor Kim Wimpsett, Content Refinement Specialist Saravanan Dakshinamurthy, Proofreader Louise Watson, and all the other Wiley employees or partners who had a direct or indirect role in this undertaking.

My gratitude also eternally flows to my excellent and patient husband, Steve Poland, and all of our beloved furry dog children.


icon apps designed to work together, such as Microsoft 365, offer many pros, including a common user interface, similar commands and features, and a robust set of tools that enables you to communicate effectively and explore your creativity to the max. Even so, some users can find the hundreds—if not thousands—of choices and features to be a little intimidating.

Microsoft 365 Portable Genius aims to help you answer 11 key questions you may come up against when using the top four Microsoft 365 apps—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The book covers the features that you need to know, along with some others that you should want to know. I try to get right to the point in describing features and steps so you can power through, problem‐solve on your own, and free up time for other activities.

A few special elements provide guardrails and inspiration. Notes help you delve a bit deeper into some topics, Cautions give advice and help you steer clear of problems, and Genius icons convey the pro tips that will make you more efficient, more productive, and (I daresay) more impressive in the results that you crank out from the Microsoft 365 apps.

I need to mention one last item from the “need to know” category before you dive in to Chapter 1. The screenshots for the figures in this book were shot at a low 1024 x 768 resolution to enhance their final appearance within the book's format. Most users now have their screens set to a much higher resolution, so you may see differences between the figures on your screen and those in the book, particularly with regard to the appearance of the ribbon. Also, users with touchscreen systems may see additional screen options and features not shown in the book's figures. Finally, there may be variations in screen features, depending on the type of Microsoft 365 subscription you have and your update cycle.

Thank you, reader, for adding Microsoft 365 Portable Genius to your library. You can find more bonus material in the Online Bonus Appendix for this book, available at