The Law of Positivism

The Law of Positivism

Live a Life of Higher Vibrations, Love and Gratitude

von: Shereen Oberg, Lucy Scott

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Verlag: Hay House Audio
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Veröffentl.: 22.06.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781788176071
Sprache: englisch

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Raise your vibration and live your highest potential through the conscious practice of healing your mind, body and soul.

Our thoughts, perception and emotions create our reality. The Law of Positivism teaches us that we can heal ourselves through daily integrated practices which create more positive energy in our lives and transform how we experience the world.

Shereen Öberg dives deep into how you can live immersed in gratitude and love through meditation, journaling, breathing and contemplation to heal and release that which is not serving your highest purpose. You will learn how to:

· meditate to create healthy and empowering thoughts
· understand your emotions and release fears
· feel empowered as an empath and highly sensitive person
· cultivate self-love and healthy relationships
· heal on all levels and understand your purpose

The Law of Positivism will teach you how to grow on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.
Shereen Oberg is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki III practitioner, doula and the creator of the Law of Positivism Instagram and podcast. She is of Kurdish descent and has lived in Sweden since she was a child.

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