The Life of William McKinley & The Story of His Assassination (Illustrated Edition)

The Life of William McKinley & The Story of His Assassination (Illustrated Edition)

An Authentic and Official Memorial Edition, Containing Every Incident in the Career of the Immortal Statesman, Soldier, Orator and Patriot

von: Marshall Everett

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Verlag: Madison & Adams Press
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 11.02.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9788027303359
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This book gives us the vivid insight into the incredible life and achievements of President McKinley, not to focus solely on his tragic death. The author nevertheless describes in graphic words the assassination. It is a word picture that will linger forever in the memory of every reader, calling forth sympathy and patriotism on behalf of the martyr President and undying contempt and horror of the assassin and the foul and cowardly thing called anarchy. Every detail of that now historic scene is told so vividly that the reader sees it as if he were an eye-witness.
The Assassination of President McKinley
President McKinley's Fight for Life
Deathbed Scene of President McKinley
The Story of the Assassin
Emma Goldman, Woman Leader of Anarchists
Anarchism and Its Objects
Scenes at Buffalo Following the Assassination
Days of Anxiety and Sorrow
President McKinley's Last Speech
William McKinley's Boyhood
McKinley as a Soldier in the Civil War
McKinley in Congress
McKinley's Life Was Protection's Era
McKinley as Governor of Ohio
McKinley as a Campaigner
Governor McKinley's Financial Troubles
McKinley's Loyalty to Sherman, Blaine and Harrison
First Nomination for President
The Great Campaign of 1896
The Spanish War Cloud
McKinley's Own Story of the Spanish-American War
McKinley and Expansion
Second Presidential Nomination and Election of McKinley
President McKinley and the Chinese Crisis
McKinley: Builder of a World Power
Private Life of William McKinley
McKinley's Eulogy of Lincoln
President Roosevelt Takes the Oath of Office
Great Events of the World During President McKinley's Administration
The Funeral Service at Buffalo
Lying in State at Buffalo
The Funeral Train to Washington
The Last Night in the White House
Funeral Services and Procession at Washington
Lying in State at the Capitol
The Assassin Arraigned
The Sad Journey to Canton
Canton Bathed in Tears
Funeral Services in All Churches
Canton's Farewell to McKinley
McKinley Laid at Rest
Nation Observes Burial Day
Assassinations of Lincoln & Garfield

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