Welcome to College Your Career Starts Now!

Welcome to College Your Career Starts Now!

A Practical Guide to Academic and Professional Success

von: Victor Brown

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Veröffentl.: 20.02.2019
ISBN/EAN: 9781543960372
Sprache: englisch
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For every student, both a successful transition into college, and the subsequent transition from college to career, are critically important. Written by an author who has had long experience in both the corporate and academic worlds, "Welcome to College - Your Career Starts Now!" is the ideal book to help guide students through both transitions, while giving good advice on how to integrate the college years into the process of determining one's career.
Many students arrive on a college campus in a state of confusion and uncertainty. They wonder how they should select their major, which elective courses to choose, how to determine a career path, how to interview effectively and how to make the best use of internships and study abroad opportunities.
Just as important for them is to understand how to project an image as serious students, and how to develop the personal skill sets and behavior patterns they will need in both their college and career years.
Vic Brown has drawn upon his extensive experience as a corporate executive and college faculty member, and imparts excellent advice on how to integrate coursework, internships and other activities into a focused preparation for long term career success.
The author does not stop at college graduation. He continues to offer practical guidance to the new graduates while they navigate their way through the first several years of their careers.
Brown's use of real-world examples on campus and in the workplace provides a wonderful way for the reader to understand the importance of the advice he offers, and this book is essential reading for college students at all stages of their education, for new members of the work force, and even as a refresher for those well along in their careers.
Parents, high school guidance counselors, college admissions and career services staff, as well as faculty, will all benefit from the practical guidance offered in this easy to read, entertaining book.