Will multiracial individuals change the face of American society?

Will multiracial individuals change the face of American society?

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Pre-University Paper from the year 2018 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 14 Punkte, , language: English, abstract: Nowadays´ society is ever-changing, just like the individuals it consists of. And even though it is becoming even more diverse over time, the idea of equality for all people is still spreading. Ever since the founding of the USA racism has been a problem. Even considering the huge improvements that already took place, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done until the American society can be called post-racial.
When you take a closer look at the individuals you might notice that by now you cannot simply divide people into uniform ethnic groups like Asian, Caucasian or African American. There are also persons who belong to two or even more ethnic groups, so-called multiracial individuals. Those are, among other reasons, the result of interracial marriage, a marriage in which the two partners are of different racial origin.
In the past decades, there has been a notable increase in numbers of the said multiracial individuals. There are many factors adding into that which beyond other topics will be discussed in this term paper. For example, slavery and certain regulations prohibiting interracial marriage caused a rather low amount of multiracial population back in time.
In the past years, many multiracial individuals gained popularity in general media, such as actress Angelia Jolie with Caucasian and Native American heritage. It came to my attention that those celebrities often seem to be notably supporting several charities and have a generally very tolerant and accepting personality compared to others in their business.

With all these contributing factors one could suppose that, because of their mixed-race heritage and the discrimination they face, multiracial individuals might be less racist than the rest of the general public. If there is a link between one´s race and racism - and whether or not this will help to shape a less racist future in the USA - will be the main question discussed in this term paper.

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